Marc Gobé TSA executive producer

Marc Gobé -  Designer

Marc Gobé is the CEO of Emotional Branding LLC, a Think Tank that explores the role of brands and their impact on society.

He began sharing his perspective and emotion-driven form of branding beginning in 2001 with the publishing of his first book, appropriately titled: Emotional Branding. This first book has since been translated into 17 languages and has been integrated into the MBA programs of leading business schools worldwide.
 Marc continued to share his thought leadership on Emotional Branding through his follow-up books, Citizen Brand, BrandJam, and his most recent publication of Emotional Branding 2. 0 (launched in Feb. 2010) . His latest publication reflects his research from 2006-2009 which he dedicated to understanding the role of emotions in 2.0 people-driven era of social engagement. This updated version of Emotional Branding 2.0 focuses on how emotion relates to social media, CSR, sustainable design and corporate culture.

Marc is never one to avoid a challenge. He applies as passionately into non-commercial endeavors ideas that promote positive change in the areas of civic, environmental and corporate responsibility.

“This Space Available” is Marc’s latest endeavor and is his first full-length documentary film. Directed by his daughter Gwenaelle Gobé, the film explores the impact of visual pollution on our society and has been selected for its debut premiere in New York, November 2011, at the prestigious DOCNYC film festival.

Marc is a graduate of EPDI, The Ecole Professionelle de Design Industriel in Paris. He parleyed his design background into all corners of the branding and communication world. Marc is a sought after keynote speaker, film producer, philanthropist, board member and business advisor to non-profit and corporate organizations.

Gwenaelle Gobé TSA director

Gwenaelle Gobé – Director

Passionate about exploring communication with others -the dialogue, the language, the art of listening and the creation of a sense of belonging.


How extensive is our ability to listen?

Is there room for others among individuals?

And is it truly possible to share a common space?

Gwenaelle is  interested in investigating the ideal experience of communication. She is driven by the belief that sometimes verbal language can act as an obstacle in our attempts to connect with others.

“Stripped of words, the body would recover an idyllic state of selfless giving and receiving. A balanced exchange would occur.  I am passionate about exploring what these epitomes.   I observe and create stories, worlds and characters, and experiment with human connection.”

Gwenaelle’s work has been published and shown internationally, notably in the infamous Swindle Magazine and the New York based Swingset Magazine, Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects Gallery, The Institute of International Visual Arts in London, the Substation Gallery in Singapore, and on Obey The Giant Clothing. Her 35mm cut-out animation ‘The Old Noise’ screened at Film Forum’s First Sight Scene Festival, and at The Silent Movie Theatre in LA.

Gwenaelle has a Master’s degree in Experimental Animation from CalArts and Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Bard.  Currently, she lives and works in Los Angeles.

Adam Peters -  Composer

British composer and music producer who has always been attracted to the left field of music and art

Peters began his professional career in 1983 as keyboard player and cellist in Echo And The Bunnymen. Their song “The Killing Moon,” which prominently features his cello and keyboards, is considered an 80′s classic and has been featured in over twenty films. His groundbreaking orchestral arrangements on their album “Ocean Rain” have become an iconic part of UK pop culture and these works were recently performed in their entirety at the Royal Albert Hall in London and at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

As a producer, electric cellist and keyboard wizard, he went on to work with other major artists such as Beth Orton, Mercury Rev, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Dream Academy, Athlete and Chrissie Hynde. During the 90′s Adam was a founding member of the influential cult New York bands Family Of God and Neulander.

Adam Peters’ uniquely modern sounding sonic palette combines full orchestra, electric cello, and intimate acoustic sounds with his trademark distinctive electronics and extraordinarily catchy melodies.  Adam began writing music for movies, arts, TV shows and short films as his the deep, cinematic quality of his work gained the attention of filmmakers.

In 2004 Adam left New York and moved to the desert at Joshua Tree for three years of writing and recording. Now a relatively recent Los Angeles transplant, Peters has moved effortlessly into the Hollywood creative community. Since relocating to the city, Peters’ talents have been utilized by notables such as Oliver Stone, Hans Zimmer and his work has recently appeared in the movies “Rango”, “Crazy, Stupid Love”, “Exxxit” and “I Love You, Phillip Morris”. He is currently scoring for Oliver Stone’s “Secret History” due for release 2012.

As well as composing for movies, Adam continues to collaborate with other musicians, produce records, release his own music, and write.

Adam attended Charterhouse School on a music scholarship, then went onto study 20th century modern music, composition and cello at City Of London University and the prestigious Guildhall School Of Music.

Elisa Bonora – Editor

Award winning editor known for a unique range in format and media as well as style versatility

When Elisa moved to Los Angeles from her hometown Milan, she started editing TV commercials with Red Car Editorial.  There she worked for two men that inspired her work thereafter, the editor and filmmaker Larry Bridges and the acclaimed commercial director Joe Pytka. She edited prestigious campaigns for Pepsi, Apple, Nike, Sony, Hallmark, and Levi’s. Her strength in dialogue and storytelling, and her capacity to create an intense atmosphere and elegant moods won her many advertising awards.

Elisa returned to long format when Oliver Stone approached her about editing “Comandante,” a feature-length documentary on Fidel Castro. Following the success of “Comandante,” she collaborated with Pietro Scalia in editing the art film “Ashes and Snow” in 2005, which was shot and directed by the Canadian artist Gregory Colbert.

Elisa refurbished a vintage 1968 Airstream RV on a 2 acre property in the Topanga Canyon National Park, California.  This is where she housed her off-line editing system and opened her own company Airstream Film – dedicated to producing and editing documentary films.

In 2008 she completed editing and co-producing the feature length documentary “Laszlo and Vilmos, No Subtitles Necessary,” an official selection at the 2008 Cannes Film festival, and a nominee for the 2010 Emmy Awards.

Among other documentaries, Elisa edited and wrote “22 Years From Home” by Malachi Leopold, a documentary about one of the Lost Children of Sudan, “South of the Border” another feature length documentary directed by Oliver Stone which premiered at the Venice Film festival September 2009.

Between 2010 and 2011 Elisa edited “Rising From The Ashes” a documentary film about the redemption of Rwandan’s first ever national cycling team.  The story is about the rise of this team from the ashes of an unthinkable genocide, to become ambassadors of hope.  Forest Whitaker narrated the film and was the  Executive Producer.  The director was TC Johnstone who also edited “This space is available.”

Elisa is also co-producing and editing the feature documentary film by Cecelia Peck “Miss World” a film about the journey of Miss World 1998, Linor Abargil. The victim of a violent attack and rape just weeks before winning the crown, her mission in reaching out to victims worldwide and her journey to empower herself and other to break the silence.

Elisa has twenty years of experience and has worked in many different formats and media. Among her awards: the Best of 1991 Advertising Age Award, the Advertising Women Achievement Award for Consumer Television in 1996 and 1998, and the Golden Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

Elisa speaks four languages – English, Italian, French and Spanish. Elisa was born in Milan, Italy. She studied film editing at the Albedo Film School in Milan, working in 35mm, 16mm, and tape editing formats. After graduating with a master’s degree she began editing films, TV shows, industrial documentaries and advertising in Italy before beginning her editorial journey in the U.S.