This Space Available

Billboards and commercial messages dominate the public space like never before. Can we reverse this visual pollution? This Space Available looks at diverse activists from the worlds of advertising, street art, and politics. Influenced by the writing of Marc Gobé ( Emotional Branding ), his daughter Gwenaelle directs with tremendous verve in her depiction of New Yorkers and others around the world who want to reclaim the integrity of their cities against an onslaught of visual pollution.

Executive Producer, Marc Gobé and Gwenaelle Gobé, co-founders of E.B. Studios have just completed their first full length documentary film. The film premiered in November, 2011 to packed houses and press acclaim at the prestigious NYC DOC Film Festival. Check back here or join us on Facebook to get updates about the film, as well as news from the growing visual pollution movement.


UNAFF/Palo Alto

October 22nd at 9:15 PM
Screening of This Space Available
Director Gwenaelle Gobe will be answering questions and participating
in a panel on Visual Pollution at 8:15 PM before the film

  • Jeremy Hobson, Marketplace Morning Report, American Public Media

    “A thought provoking film that gave me a new perspective on something I see every day: billboards. I’ve never been so offended by outdoor advertising in my life!”

  • Jennifer Merin, Documentaries

    "This must-see eye-opener shows how billboard advertising pollutes our vision and invades our minds."

  • Abe Sauer, brandchannel

    “’This Space Available’ does put forward an interesting premise… [T]he visual pollution caused by outdoor ad overabundance is a concern that should ally both anti-advertising activists and serious ad professionals.”

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From 240 hours of film, 160 interviews and visits to 11 countries on five continents